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Student Accommodation Security

What do we do?

We at Fire & Security Systems offer Manned SIA Qualified Security Officers right to your campus providing safety and security for all your students. We meet and greet students to get to know them and assure them that we will be there at all times to not only keep them safe but also the valuable items they leave behind in their dorms. 

Student Accommodation Services: Two men working sitting in front of the monitors in the security room with headphones on their heads.

In addition to this, if your students are looking for a little chat, our officers can hold conversations but still ensure that their security is taken highly. If they notice any student behaviour issues or a change in behaviour, they will report it to the campus team who can then help the student out if needed. Every little change is noticed by our qualified staff.

When do we get involved?

From Day One, we work overtime for our security members to familiarise themselves on campus. Officers will get a map with the layout of the campus and the dormitories and learn where the fire exits are etc. 

Once we get to the campus, we are fully responsible for monitoring and regulating the access in and out of the student site based on a combination of High-Tech Security Equipment tailored for each different part of the student dormitories with remote access to have 24/7 access to CCTV cameras whilst having security staff onsite. 

Security Staff would be manning the areas being able to observe windows and doors to the doorways leading all the way to the initial entry dormitories to ensure that the students are safe and secure. 

The Staff

To start with, our security engineers would install fire alarms for you even if you have them as ours are the newest alarms in the business with smart features integrating with your existing security devices. 

It is compulsory to do so as these new fire alarms have the latest and improved features compared to the old alarms which are why we take it into utmost consideration into installing it into your infrastructure unless your building is newly built/refurbished. These features provide much better response times which is why it is crucial to have them fitted and installed.

The Security Staff would carry out hourly patrols everyday monitor to check all fire doors and main entry doors looking for signs of intrusion and to ensure it is working to its full potential. To take it up a notch, security alarms would be fitted if necessary and along with the existing alarms it would be checked every week but monitored every day of every hour.

Any sign of physical damage and we will go our way to repair or replace the damaged alarm or fire door to ensure that the students stay safe and alert at all times when a situation arises.


A fire hazard is always possible therefore we ensure that the fire alarms would be alerted and tested periodically to ensure the alarm is working and will ring in case of a fire alarm is activated. We do this from CCTV but also have staff on the lookout. 

Security also monitors the CCTV systems making sure all areas are secure remotely whilst having a couple of members monitor the CCTV systems internally. This means we always have security overlooking the CCTV and can always have someone to respond or dispatch security and the police if needed in any suspicious events or known threats having identified prime targets near or on campus.

Student Security

We know that young people, unfortunately, are exposed to certain crimes that they shouldn’t have been in or witnessed. This is why we make it our utmost priority to ensure they don’t go through it no matter what community they are from. Young or old, coloured or non-coloured we will do our best to make this safe for them.

In 2017, The Crime Prevention has updated their site which gives stats that are worrying. 


The risk of experiencing theft is 2.68 times higher than average. The average is 2.5% but for full-time students, it is 6.7%. The reason for this is because home security in rented or student accommodation is relying on housemates for security but once they’re at work or studying on campus no one is home to safeguard their belongings.

Rather than having them to worry about their belongings, investing in security would be beneficial and that’s where we come in as we can mitigate this from happening and most times no burglary crimes 

Vehicle Crime

According to Crime Preventions, students experience 1.47 times of vehicle crime compared to the national average. The average risk is 6.4% but for full-time students, it is 9.4%. Insurance for students is high enough as it is and it would only get higher if their vehicles have been stolen. 

Students nowadays have enough to worry about so we should be there for them to allow them to stress a little on their cars as their vehicles are probably one of the most important financial decision they have taken so far, therefore, we should respect that and provide security for their decision to study especially those who have travelled to study from afar.

Violent Crime

The risk of experiencing a violent crime for students is 2.69 times higher than the average. The average risk is 3.2% but for our full-time students, it is 8.6%%. This is nearly triple the average and all risks should, either way, be treated with caution regardless if it is lower or higher.

Student life is important as it makes up a couple of years of their life where they are starting to broaden their horizons. With what has been said from the above, it is a couple of the many reasons as to why we take student accommodation security seriously and why we are passionate about it and offer it. 

We want our children to be safe so likewise, we will guarantee the safety of your students so that they can get the education and knowledge they deserve and make use of it in the future.

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With that being said, if there is any more information you would like what we do or how we could get started on your campus, feel free to contact us for more information.