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Gatehouse Duties


Old gatehouse with gate blocking the road leading to the forest. Protected area, entrance is prohibited.Gatehouse Duties are crucial in many different sectors but many of those on duty are inexperienced or not as effective.

Gatehouses are the access point to get in and out of the premise. They are the first port of call for entry whether it may be an industrial area, residential area or even a business park. Whatever it may be, it is crucial to know who comes in and out of your workplace which is why we offer this service to suit your requirements.

At Fire & Security Systems, we provide a national security service. SIA qualified security officers operate from a gatehouse facility provided by our clients. Our security officers are responsible for monitoring and regulating the access in and out of clients sites.

When required by our client we can carry out professional and thorough searches on personnel or vehicles. We operate a full incident report analysis system, including in house and clients cooperative monitoring systems All security officers are highly experienced in protecting and caring for all types of premises whether they are large department stores or industrial units. 

We know how important it is to ensure safety in and outside of your property which is why we tailor our service to you. We supply SIA licensed security staff who would be the ones controlling access to your premises. We limit access to your premise to maintain safety for your employees, clients and those visitors you designate access to.

Our gatehouse security officers, as well as gatehouse security guards, will ensure that your area has controlled access in and out of your establishment.

What we will do

At Fire & Security Systems, we will carry out and provide its services to whoever it may concern regardless of where you are established. All our gatehouse security officers operate within our client’s code of conduct and code of practice where we will tailor our service to meet your requirements and carry out a variety of duties including: 

  • Reception – Meet and Greet with Friendly Faces
  • Controlling Access and Checks Keeping Attendance Records
  • Booking In and Out of the Site
  • Visitor Greeting and Management
  • Issue Visitor Passes and Staff Passes 
  • Controlling and Monitoring Vehicle Movements
  • Spot Checks, Vehicle / Staff / Bag Searches
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Communications Co-ordinating
  • Management of Hired Equipment
  • Maintenance of the Fire Register
  • Maintenance of Log Books and Registers
  • Delivery of Health & Safety Inductions
  • Delivery of Space Management

Our security officers are all experienced who have undergone extensive training in a wide area of different situations. But in one place where we excel in is providing a customer-friendly yet professional looking security presence. Customer service is important and we take that seriously no matter what situation arises.

They are able to respond and deal with any incidents that may occur and complete any necessary paperwork or reports when needed. We work 24/7, 7 days a week, therefore, we are able to suit the needs of any business and you can choose what time you would like us to regulate and control access. 

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As a dedicated security service, we take no compromises to ensure health and safety and we take the job seriously and responsibly in an effective manner. If you’d like more information as to what we do and can do for your enterprise, you can contact us for more information.