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Events Security Service

What Does ‘Event Security’ Cover?

Similar to our Manned Guard service and our Mobile Patrol service, the Event Security service can cover a wide range of events and venues. It’s not just events this service covers either, we can cover meetings and professional meetups to a high-quality standard.

events security guardPerhaps you need Events Security for more complex events, such as Weddings, Charities, Sports or even Corporate Events, all of these events we can provide event management too.

If your event type is not listed, you can contact us and we will attempt to tailor and provide this high-quality service for your needs.

Our Event Security services hold an SIA approved contractor status when providing for Main Events.

All events, venues and meetings all are vulnerable and pose a risk to potential security and safety incidents. We understand that your security is of the utmost importance, this is why we provide a service that’s very in-depth to prevent any potential risk from occurring.

Our security industry standards are held at a high level which will help ensure safety with security solutions and allow the event to run smoothly.

What Will My ‘Event Security’ Do?

Our SIA Licensed security operatives will construct a risk assessment of the area before the event commences. This way, they will know;

  • The weakest points for potential threats,
  • The venues procedures,
  • How easily accessible the areas are, 
  • The venue’s emergency procedures,
  • Every fire exit location

We will provide all of the information to the client and design a plan that is fit for their satisfaction before advancing forward.

The larger the event may be, the more of a potential risk there is, this is why our highly-trained security officers are trained well to deal with these types of cases.

Our security guards will also prepare you before the event starts. We will give you a heads up on what you should expect with some time to prepare before the venue starts, this way, you will have a level headed understanding on how the event is going to turn out.

The Extra Perk Of ‘Event Security’

This isn’t all we do, we have it as a security requirement that we deal with any other personnel. Crowd management is a bonus service that comes with hiring event security.

Crowd Management

The larger the crowd, the larger the risk, which is exactly why you will need some sort of event security company. We will ensure;

  • The guests are not blocking any exits,
  • To prevent anyone from cutting forward and past the tape,
  • The crowd count will never go beyond the venue’s capacity,
  • The public does not enter any staff only or VIP restricted areas.