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It’s not an uncommon thing for construction sites to appear around in public spaces, but because they are usually in public areas, this comes with some risks.

Theft and vandalism are common crimes when they are committed on building sites. To make matters worse, anything that gets vandalised and undetected can pose a risk of harming any staff, visitors and even other intruders.

Security checks are often taken on construction sites to prevent the chance of this happening and improve safety, but they are not sufficient in stopping intruders and offences happening on site, there’s no real prevention.

Construction Site CCTV

What is ‘Building Site Security’?

Building Site Security has two different types but have the same goal in mind.


Physical measures use technological methods to prevent crimes from being committed on the construction site. These highly accurate technical systems can come in various forms that fit your site the most.

They can range from CCTV, Intruder Detection Systems, Access Control Systems as well as any other protection obstacles like Fences, Barbed Wires, Barriers and Gates.


Operational Building Site Security is having enforcement on site. These measures will be carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals in preventing crimes from being committed on Building Sites.

Operational measures are human activities on site, these can range from; Patrols, Area & Static Guarding, Vehicle and People Entry and Exit Processing.

The Advantages Of ‘Building Site Security’

Building Site Security comes with many advantages, such examples are;

  • Control Site Access
  • Criminal Deterrent
  • Fire Prevention & Protection
  • Prevent & Solve Conflicts
  • Save Money Long-Term

These advantages are just a few to name. Think of them as the dam of your castle, they do the biggest part in protecting your construction site from intruders and vandalism.

Which Is For you?

Our service we will apply a plan of action to make out what the best is for you. Whether this means extra lighting to deter criminals from certain areas, or 24 hour manned guarding on-site with the size, we can help you with that.

Physical Building Site Security is typically more common for smaller construction sites, though in uncommon circumstances, (such as the area, or repeated offences) Operational may be the better alternative.

Operational is better for larger sites that require more maintenance in preventing and protecting against criminal activity.

Struggling To Make a Decision?

If you are struggling to make a decision, call us on 0345 066 0304 and we will help you devise a plan on what’s best for you and your construction site.

Let’s prevent trespassing and vandalism together.