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Keyholding and Alarm Response

Keyholding: Front Door Open

Fire & Security Systems operates SIA qualified security officers and is fully responsible for keyholding -holding clients keys for there premises. They are responsible to attend those premises should a burglar alarm be activated and the security officers are responsible for ensuring the clients’ premises are secure and the people have been evacuated before leaving the site. 


Every key we get is stored in line with BS7984. In other words, we go through procedures to assure you that we will go through the correct measures meeting the SIA obligations to ensure that your key and property is in safe hands giving you the added peace of mind you deserve.

When our officers arrive, we ensure that your alarms are functioning to ensure that your premise is safe and secure. In the event your alarm is activated whether it be a silent alarm, fire alarm, security alarm or anything along the lines which transmits a signal as a warning our security officers and security services will be the first ones to respond to what could be a potentially dangerous situation to ensure no staff is at risk.

Alarm Response

We offer our service 24/7 365 days a year with industry-leading key holders. We respond to any keyholding attendance and requests, locate security, fire doors and safety alarms so that in the event of an alarm we can accommodate for everyone’s health and safety and lead people and client’s the way out. 

In the event, your alarm is activated an experienced fully trained and licensed Security Response Officer will carry out a full external and internal inspection to ensure that your property is safe. A full activation report would be sent to you following the response with expert guidance and advice on the security of your premises and see if there any ways improvements can be made.

When you’re not at your property and the alarm there sounds, we go through crucial steps.

We’re alerted

Your alarm monitoring system either goes off and is audible or a message is sent to us. In that case, we then dispatch our nearest officer to the scene and if needed we would contact the authorities to liaise with us. If your alarm doesn’t warn you about your alarm going off, we would then immediately inform you of the situation.

False alarm?

In the event of a false alarm, we immediately call any emergency contacts you’ve assigned or has been established with your alarm systems to let them know there is no reason to take action. We will do our bit and have officers dispatched to check the area.

Fast Response

We will designate our best-placed officer to go in your area to attend the property and assess the situation. If needed we would request immediate emergency services, liaising with the police on your behalf to ensure your contents and property remains secure and monitored.

We take action

Our officer arranges for an emergency guard to be stationed until the property can be secured and deemed safe. We would then issue you with a full report of the incident and of the actions we’ve taken on your return or on the post as you require.

If there is more information you would like to hear or would like to enquire don’t hesitate to contact us as our lines are manned 24/7 365 days a year for you to get in contact with us.