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Manned Guards

What does ‘Manned Guard Services’ Mean?

Manned Guard /Security guard using comms.

The term ‘manned guard’ or ‘manned guarding’ is used to describe trained security guards you are often familiar with seeing within the industry.

They are security officers who have a physically known presence of being on the lookout monitoring and guarding properties and people in accordance with industry standards no matter what they’re guarding.

What are the advantages of a security guard?

The reason as to why many employ security guards or security services is simply because they would like to have certainty. They want their building(s) and their clients/employees to be safe and that the guards would take action on any situation that may arise.

In addition to this, they help mitigate crimes which take place at a workplace providing a heightened sense of security and improved customer service as they can help escort clients and customers to the building or even direct them to certain departments. 

Having manned guarding security, in other words, is an efficient security solution for your company no matter how big or small. They can do the jobs of some employees such as guiding customers as well as provide a quick response time to any situation that could arise on your premises. Security guards can act on the scene immediately and abruptly in any situation rather than waiting for 10 or even more minutes for the local police to arrive.

Are you currently using 24/7 security guard Services?

If you’re not you should consider getting in contact with one to see if they can provide for you. Regardless of if you are a new business or an old store having SIA (Security Industry Authority SIA)  licensed security who have undergone highly trained security practices allows your people to feel safe. 

It is rewarding and in the time of need or disaster, you now have people who can act immediately. As mentioned before security guards and security personals are beneficial for customer service and help mitigate any unlawful actions within your premises.

What should I do if I need security guards?

If you’re in the need for security guards you should consider what you need them for. The main questions you should be looking into are:

  • Do you need security guards onsite at your business?
  • Are you looking for Event Security, Temporary Security or Permanent Security?
  • Are you looking to Protect Your Property?

Once considering all the above you should have a good and clear idea of what you want and justify why you need it as you may be asked questions of the following so that security companies can suit your needs:

  • What Specific Times and Dates do you need Security for?
  • Do you need Armed Guards or do you need Unarmed Guards?
  • How many Guards do you need and what is your reasoning for needing Security?
  • Where would you want your guards to be positioned?

Now that you have an idea of what to expect and the things you would answer researching a couple of companies would be ideal. However, at Firesecsystems we have you covered as we have done most of the work for you.

We provide you with security personnel and trained security guards who are SIA licensed. In addition to this, we provide routine checks of your security systems such as fire alarms and security alarms and if any damage or form of intrusion can be seen we will go our way in repairing it for you or if needed replacing.

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