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Fire Alarm Installation & Maintenance In Sheffield

All our work is carried out in conjunction with all British standards.

An installation of a Fire Alarm System is vital. But it is also crucial to have it maintained as well.

Fire Alarm Installation In Sheffield

A fire alarm is something you cannot afford to be missing or faulty. Our highly trained and experienced staff team with over 25 years of award-winning experience will evaluate your environment and install the most appropriate fire alarm in the most effective location for your surroundings in case of that emergency.

With our knowledge and experience of designing and installing these fire alarms, you do not have to be worried about the location. Care homes, shops and even warehouses, our alarm systems have a proven effective fire detection system to alert everyone in the event of a fire earlier than other systems.

Fire Security & Systems understand that during the installation process, it is important whilst our technicians concentrate and not experience significant disruption to efficiently minimise the installation time.

Our leading manufacturers source all of our components, leaving you assured that your fire alarm will optimally be protected and installed reliably. We pride ourselves to ensure that every installation has been completed to our highest of standards, partnered with the legal, and health and safety requirements.

Fire Alarm Maintenance In Sheffield

Once your reliable, effective and optimal fire alarm has been installed, our experienced staff will monitor your systems 24 hours, 7 days a week, day or night. If the newly fitted fire alarm system detects a fire, we will receive a signal at our alarm monitoring station, at incredible speeds and will notify the key holders and emergency services if necessary.

It is worth knowing that according to NFU Mutual Insurance UK, 80% of businesses fail after experiencing a major fire incident 18 months previously. This is why we pride ourselves in ensuring the safety of you and your business with our outstanding customer service.

Not just that, but our fully qualified engineers will carry out inspections and maintenance for the small percentage of our faulty fire alarms across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire at your own convenience.

Firesec UK

If you rent or own a business property, it is vital that you protect your employees, stock, buildings and valuable items such as computers, client files etc against the catastrophic effects of a fire.

At Firesec UK you will receive accredited and professional advice right from your initial inquiry, through to the design, decision making, installation and on-going maintenance.

We will help you choose the correct fire system, specifically designed for your business, building and budget. We’re an independent company, so we’re not tied to recommending just 1 or 2 systems – we have the whole spectrum available to us, and the expertise to guide you through it.

We will also ensure you have the correct information so that you know how to comply with the latest Fire Safety legislation in all instances.

We believe your company’s safety is of the utmost importance and that once you’ve met us you’ll feel like you’re in safe hands. We’ve got over 25 years experience to bring to bear, and we’re happy to offer you a free quote at any time.

  • C TEC Addressable Fire Alarm Design Certificate